Welcome to Dami Direct.

Dami Direct is an online business directory that connects African businesses with consumers. The vision is to have an easily accessible hub for African businesses in various sectors.

Why you should list on DamiDirect.

  • DamiDirect creates an opportunity for you to reach a wider audience, giving greater exposure than traditional methods of advertising.
  • Gives your business increased visibility.
  • Cost effective compared to having a website.
  • With searchable tags in your business profile, you can advertise all your services and highlight additional services as your business grows.
  • Gives an online business presence.
  • It allows you to respond to and engage your customers through their reviews.
  • Develop a brand image
  • It boosts your reach considerably by making you visible to large numbers of people searching for local businesses.

It is quick and easy to make a business listing, simply follow this link http://www.damidirect.com/add-your-listing/ to set up your profile for free.



Dami Adeniyi,

CEO DamiDirect


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